Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe - Trailer

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  1. mhitza says:

    The game seems awesome; but the soundtrack kicks ass.

  2. Idea says:

    It would be interesting if, in 2-player mode, one could interact with the opponent’s character directly by shooting him or such. For the sake of balance, this would need to either be restricted to low-power mechanisms such as pushback or brief stuns, or perhaps be difficult to do and require leaping across falling blocks to access your opponent’s area, but I feel it would add a level of fun.

  3. Lander says:

    i want this game now!!!!!

  4. pseudoname says:

    you should make this for smartphones

  5. Max says:

    Music is great! i love the trailer but i have to ask,is it online co-op, or local?